Peach-Faced Lovebird

The 'Peach-faced' is one of nine African lovebird species but is arguably the most readily available, least expensive and liveliest. It is also the most popular of the lovebirds with over 60 colour variations in Australia alone.

This attractive bird gets its unusual name for its fondness for sitting in pairs and engaging in regular preening sessions.

They are stout birds that average around 13cm in length and have a short rounded tail. They boast a salmon-pink upper breast, throat and chin with the colour darkening to red and extending to behind the eyes.


Lovebirds are hardy creatures and can tolerate extreme temperatures, particularly the cold weather. They are creatures of habit and are at their best when they have a consistent routine to follow.

These busy and active birds also enjoy company and are happiest when they are kept in pairs. Like most birds they need room to move so ensure the cage is spacious enough for plenty of exercise and games with toys. The cage should be large enough for the bird to comfortably flap its wings and fly from perch to perch.

Lovebirds enjoy a diet of natural seeds and millet as well as the occasional treat of fresh fruit.


Name: Peach-faced Lovebird
Family: Parrot
Origin: Africa
Size: Small
Care: Undemanding Temperament: Sweet-natured and friendly
Call: Can be noisy if left on its own
Features: "A soft" look