Zebra Finch

This delightful little bird measures about 10cm from its beak to the tip of its tail. In the wild, the Zebra finch is a grey-brown colour with white patches and black stripes. The breast and abdomen are yellowish-white. They have coral-red beaks and flesh-coloured feet. The male is adorned with a circular chestnut red spot on his cheek and has black rings on the breast, the head and the throat, which the females do not have.


The delicate little Zebra finch needs to be surrounded by its own kind. These birds should be kept in pairs, although same-sex birds will get on with each other. The cage must be big enough for them to fly around in.

Note: Make sure you have a close-meshed cage as the tiny finches can squeeze through bars that are just two centimetres apart. Sleeping nests and baskets will make the bird feel safe and it will also prompt it to build a nest.

Their basic diet consists of special seed mixtures that correspond to the natural food of the Australian finch, for example, TRILL™ Canary & Finch Mix is favoured by this little bird. Always provide fresh drinking water. It is also a good idea to sprinkle bird sand on the floor of the cage, or provide it in a separate container. Zebra finches also love chickweed and well-washed lettuce leaves, as well as berries and small pieces of fruit.


Name: Zebra finch
Family: Finch
Origin: Australian arid regions and forests
Size: Small and dainty
Care: Undemanding
Temperament: Friendly, cheeky, curious and sociable
Call: Rhythmic trumpeting which is fairly loud
Features: Merry little bird in a flock, likes to breed