This dark pink, and raucous bird is a native of Australia and can be found in many parts of this vast country. The males are usually larger than the females and range between 255g and 430g in weight. Eye colour is the easiest way to distinguish between the sexes - males have a dark brown or black iris, while the females boast a pinkish red or reddish-brown iris. Kept as pets, these fun-loving birds can live up to 50 years of age.


Galahs love life and all that it has to offer. They are extremely sociable birds but do have their moments of independence and appreciate having their own space to retreat to. Galahs make good pets but are renowned for their short attention span so plenty of toys and other forms of mental stimulation will be required if they are to be kept in a cage. As a larger bird, they need plenty of space to move around in and will require a large sized cage or aviary if they are to be kept in peak condition.

As a rule, there doesn't seem to be much difference in personality between the males and females, although it is thought the males are a little more 'relaxed' than the females. They are sociable birds and welcome all family members and friends who may drop by. As with any larger parrot, caution should be exercised around small children. They will eat TRILL™ Parrot Mix and will appreciate the occasional treat of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Name: Galah
Family: Cockatoo
Origin: Australia
Size: Medium to large
Care: Aviary or cage needs to be ample size
Temperament: Independent
Call: Loud and raucous
Features: Can be trained to talk