Sun Conure

Hailing from the northeast coast of South America, these birds are essentially miniature Macaws. Featuring a lively disposition, these birds are easy to tame and are quick to develop confidence in their owner, provided they are treated with respect. Although their powers of mimicry are not as well developed as those of other South American parrots, they can learn to repeat a few words.

While most Conures are predominantly green, the Sun Conure with its flamboyant and fiery yellow plumage is one of the most spectacular members of the parrot family. These stunning birds range in size from 20cm to 30cm.


Keeping these birds in an enclosure that matches the high level of activity enjoyed by these feisty little characters is essential. The minimum size for an aviary should be at least 1m wide by 3m deep and 2.1metres tall. Cages should be a minimum of 0.5m wide by 0.9 metres deep and 0.5m tall.

The Sun Conure enjoys a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables which should be cut into small pieces and fed daily.

These fascinating birds are also 'blessed' with a loud shriek. However, however, given time, patience and training from an early age they can be taught to 'speak' more quietly.


Name: Sun Conure
Family: Parrot
Origin: South America
Size: Small
Care: Aviary or cage needs to be ample size
Temperament: Playful

Call: Loud and raucous Features: Easily trained