Millet Sprays

Birds will love these clusters of plump seeds, presented as they would find them in their natural habitat.

They are suitable for use in cages and aviaries each day as a supplement to normal seed. TRILL™ have chosen only the best panorama millet sprays and presented them in their natural form. Birds really delight in picking the seeds off the stems, making them a special addition to their normal diet.

NOTE: whilst these millet sprays are nutritious and enjoyable for your pet, they are not intended to be the basis of the diet. The appropriate TRILL™ seed mixture will ensure your bird has a fully balanced diet, while TRILL™ Millet Sprays provide variety and fun.

Feeding Guide

Hang one or two TRILL™ Millet Sprays from the side of the cage close to a perch, or within easy reach of your bird. When first placed in the cage, some birds may look at the stick apprehensively. However, leave it in the cage and it will not take long before your bird starts to enjoy it.

Available in 150g.