TRILL Cockatiel Mix

TRILL™ Cockatiel Mix provides a delicious and nutritious blend of quality seeds to help keep your cockatiel happy and healthy. This special seed mix contains De-hulled Oats for extra carbohydrates, Grey Striped Sunflower seeds for essential fatty acids, which are important for maintaining shiny feathers and good eyesight and White French Millet for added energy.

TRILL™ Cockatiel Mix also contains Shell Grit, which provides Calcium, essential for the development of strong bones and healthy muscles. Best of all, we include NUTRIVIT™, a specially formulated mix of vitamins A, D and E to help keep your bird happy and healthy.

Available in 2kg and 10kg.


A mix of five or more of the following seeds and whole grains: White French Millet, Panorama Millet, Panicum, Canary Seed, Dehulled Oats, Japanese Millet, Shirohie Millet, Wheat, Safflower Seed, Sorghum, Sunflower, Oats, Linseed; Shell Grit; NUTRIVIT™ (containing ground cereals and essential vitamins and minerals, including Calcium, Vit E, Vit C, Panthothenic acid, Niacin, Vit A, Iodine, Vit B6, Vit B2, Vit B12, Vit D3, Vit B1, & Folic acid); Vegetable Oil.